About Us


  • The WFD RSA Youth Camp is to provide a workshops in different regions of Asia and unity to the Deaf Youth participants to pass on the encouragement, knowledge, experience, empowerment, personal development, activities, awareness which are exchanging among them.
  • By studying together, the Deaf youths meet one another and share their valuable and differing experiences, regarding life, cultures, beliefs, supportive, humanity, perspective and honour. This helps to build development in different regions of Asia which are still developing, aiming to reach the same level as the developed regions.
  • Guiding them in improving the qualities of their lives in their countries and Deaf communities is part of the camp programme including various presentations, cultures, games and activities and a tour to learn.

Why It Is Important?

  • Consisting of Asian Deaf people, WFDRSA is a small Deaf community which has less number than all hearing people in the world. Mostly importantly, each individual should acquire the values, skills, generations and have the best chance to lead well and be confident.
  • The WFD RSA Youth Camp aims to empower Deaf youths to express their thoughts and share their gains from learning through their local Deaf Youth communities. This way, as they share their valuable and differing experiences, this prepares them for the coming years.


The main objectives of the WFD RSA Youth Camps are:

  • Offering Deaf youths a chance to acquire new knowledge and new skills.
  • Training Deaf youths in organization and leadership activities.
  • Networking between Deaf youths or different countries of the Asian region.
  • Cultural exchanges between different nationalities.

The emphasis of these objectives of the WFD RSA Youth camp is to give Deaf youths an opportunity to meet Deaf youths from other Asian countries and to exchange experiences, languages and cultures.

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