information (Part-1)

Hello, I am the President of the World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat for Asia Youth Section (WFD RSA YS). This is my sign name.

WFD RSA YS has four objectives:

To provide opportunities for Deaf youths from Asian countries to exchange opinions and information.
To encourage and support the establishment of more deaf youth sections.
To promote human rights of Deaf youths. Human rights is important, as Deaf youths are often denied their human rights. We need to advocate for our human rights to break down barriers, by gaining knowledge.
To strengthen the relationship and collaboration with WFD Youth Section (WFDYS).
WFD RSA YS will continue to promote all these four objectives.
You are all aware that the 10th WFD RSA Youth Camp will be held in October 2020. This camp is a place where Deaf youths from various Asian countries come together to interact and exchange their culture and sign language, as well as their differing experiences. At the same time, they are given an opportunity to train and equip themselves with leadership skills.
We hope that you can participate in the 10th WFD RSA Youth Camp. We would like to thank Youth Association of the Deaf, India (YADI) for hosting this camp. We hope more and more Deaf youths from Asian countries empower themselves, working towards developing and growing.
Yukako Aoyama
(President of WFD RSA Youth Section)

Information (Part-2)

Hello Everybody,
I am Rahul Jain, Chairman of WFD RSA Youth Camp 2020. I would like to make an announcement! In the 8th World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) RSA Youth Representative Meeting which was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The youth association in India is “Youth Association of India (YADI)”, two delegates of our YADI participated.
In the discussion about the venue for the next youth camp, India proposed to conduct the next camp. After the voting session, India finally won the opportunity to host the next youth camp. I thank all the delegates who voted for India.
After my returned to India from the WFD RSA Representative Meeting, we immediately got into planning for the youth camp. The WFD RSA YS’s President and Secretary came to India in November 2019 to visit and access the proposed camp site, to approve.
And also to meet the Camp Organising Committee (COC) members and present about the camp guidelines. The Deaf leaders of India observed and interviewed the applicants and finally choose the COC members.
Let me introduce the COC members to you now!

  • Rahul Jain, Chairman
  • Babloo Kumar, Vice Chairman
  • S.Gowtham, Coordinator
  • Chintu Verma, Registration
  • Himanshu Sharma, Registration
  • Amol Pagare, Finance
  • Arti Umrotkar, Media Editor
  • Jay Prajapati, Project Media
  • Amin Farooqui, Technical Coordinator
  • Aswathy Bhaisare, Program
  • Sunil Patidar, Program
  • Prince Tiwade, Logistic
  • Rattan Chopra, Logistic
  • Sapan Jain, International Sign Interpreter
  • Nita Gopalkrishnan, Advisor Camp / Sign Language Interpreter

Thanks to my COC team, we have been working together dedicatedly and be responsible for the same! Watch out for more updates!

Thank you

Information (Part-3)

Now this is very serious matter that Coronavirus disease (COVID-19 ) has spread almost all over the world. And many people (adults, old ages, babies, kids) have got affected with COVID-19 and died. It has been continuously increasing since many days. It doesn’t stop! Growing pandemic rise in the world!
Here sharing with short information about Corona Virus! The symptoms of COVID-19 are dry cough, high fever, respiratory infections.
Today we had discussion with WFD RSA board and COC team and decided to postpone.
Due to lockdown, we are unable to provide any information about visa procedure, flight, communication with the agents. Foreigners can’t visit to India now due to Coronavirus outbreak. Hence, we have planned to postpone the WFD RSA Youth Camp which was scheduled for October this year.
But no make-up date has yet been decided. We will try to reach and provide you updated information on the same.
Thank you. Please Stay Home Stay Safe!

Information (Part-4)


Hello I am Yukako Aoyama, the President of the WFD RSA Youth Section.
Recently, the COC has made an announcement to you all.
The 10th WFD RSA Youth Camp is supposed to be held in October 2020, and the COC is planning the camp in progress.
However, the COVID-19 outbreak spread rapidly around the world, leaving a global impact.
This situation has brought us, WFD RSA YS, and the COC, to discuss and we have reached an agreement that the camp is to be postponed to a later date.
We have not yet confirmed the new date.
Please look out for more information from the COC.
Please live a safe life, and take good care of your health. Take care of yourself everyday.
We hope that the the COVID-19 outbreak would fade out so that we can meet you soon.


Registration (Part-1)

We invite you to participate in the 10th WFDRSA Youth Camp in India.

The details of the registration form to be filled by the participants is given below:

  1. Age has to be between 18 to 35 years
  2. Only 4 participants are allowed from each country E.g: 2 Boys 2 Girls or 3 Boys 1 Girl or 3 Girls 1 Boy or 4 Boys or 4 Girls whatever you prefer to apply.

Documents required along with the Registration form detail:

  • Payment of $150 (Bank transfer)
  • Passport copy
  • Medical Certificate

Your Deaf Association/Deaf Youth Organisation should be organising interviews to select their delegates for the camp.

Please contact them and request for the registration forms and other details if you are selected. Your Deaf Association / Deaf Youth Organisation will submit all your documents to the registration team. (

If you want to make the payment of $150 in advance, I will share the bank details after the bank’s approval. If you have any queries, please contact the registration team by Email ( or Skype (WFDRSAYCINDIA2020)


Camp (Part-1)

Yukako Aoyama, the President of WFD RSA Youth Section, and Rahul Jain, Chairman of the 10th WFD RSA Youth Camp 2020, went on a site recce at a campsite located in Ropar, Punjab, India. The 10th WFD RSA Youth Camp 2020 will be held at the approved campsite from 25th to 31st October 2020.

There will be accommodation and meals provided at the campsite. There are variety of camp activities and you can enjoy beautiful scenery and nature, during the day and at night.

Camp (Part-2)

Watch this interesting video to get a preview of the camp in Punjab, India!


-Night View
-Swimming Pool
-Camping Tents
-Food Hall
-Outdoor/Adventure Activities
-Indoor Games
-Workshop/Presentation Hall

Please proceed to the following social media platforms for hashtag of Asia Youth Camp: #wfdrsaycindia2020

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